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After repeated selections, iquant chose GameGo as the starting project for “Pump-Star”.

GameGo Website:

GameGo Telegram Group :

It is Welcome to come the GameGo telegram and discuss GameGo with everyone.


GameGo is an open gaming platform based on the blockchain technology. It commits to creating an open platform that the game developers and player for contributing, sharing and making decisions together.

GameGo is trying to build the next generation of open gaming platforms through blockchain technology. Drawing on the DAO concept on the ETH network, They hope to create an autonomous community that uses smart contracts to manage platform general issues and allocate capital flows. Through the process of establishing a community development committee, game developers and players are reconnected.

GameGo will recombine the game industry chain with the concept of blockchain technology and the concept of a pass-through economy. This will increase the user experience of the free flow of digital assets for the gaming community, provide players with a more fair and transparent game ecosystem, and provide enough help and support for game developers.

Iquant team

June 6, 2019