GameGo Becomes the World's First Selected Project in the Pump-Star Plate on iquant Platform

Dear user:

Iquant will launch the new plate named Pump-Star, and the team will select the high-quality projects around the worldwide to work together to return the benefits back to users of iquant. Meanwhile, it will promote the ecological development of iquant.

After careful in-depth research and selection, we made the decision that GameGo became the world's first selected project in the Pump-Star Plate.

GameGo project introduction (GameGo Token-GGT)

GameGo is trying to build the next generation of open gaming platforms through blockchain technology. Drawing on the DAO concept on the ETH network, They hope to create an autonomous community that uses smart contracts to manage platform general issues and allocate capital flows. Through the process of establishing a community development committee, game developers and players are reconnected.

GameGo will recombine the game industry chain with the concept of blockchain technology and the concept of a pass-through economy. This will increase the user experience of the free flow of digital assets for the gaming community, provide players with a more fair and transparent game ecosystem, and provide enough help and support for game developers.

Pump-Star & GameGo rules features

(This rule will refer to the "resonance rules" and methods of the VDS (V-Dimension) network for the distribution of GameGo - GGT (GameGo Token). Hereby, thanks for the inspiration VDS.)

In terms of rules, Pump-Star inherits the open and transparent concept conveyed by VDS, and truly balances the interests of the exchange-project-community, and truly contributes to each of the community's growth and construction. Participants. Pump-Star's distribution model, compared with the past ICO, IEO, IMO, etc., completely changed the drawbacks of traditional fundraising methods, for example, the project party only takes money, does not do things; the exchange only has money, non-responsible behavior Wait.

Introduction to the main sections of the Pump-Star & GameGo rules

1. Pump-Star - Resonance Trading

Resonance trading is a method of converting GGT (GameGo token) by ETH. The resonance transaction, as shown in the figure, presents an inverted triangle consisting of different levels of the exchange ratio. The number of GGTs (GameGo tokens) in the resonance P-Pool determines the number of layers N of the P-Pool, as well as the current exchange ratio. Such a design indicates that the earlier the GGT (GameGo token) is involved in resonance, the lower the cost, the GGT (GameGo token) price will gradually increase as the resonance begins, and the accumulated ETH bonus in the P-Pool will increase.

The resonance transaction is divided into two stages: the creation phase and the regular phase.

Resonance trading in the creation phase will be divided into 5, 3, and 1.5 times additional rewards in time.

In the normal stage, the resonance transaction is performed according to the normal ratio of the P-Pool, and no additional reward is given.

2. Lucky20 Awards

Lucky PID is a user who contributes to the entire project ecology. It can participate in the weekly Lucky20 sweepstakes and have the opportunity to receive 50% of the ETH bonus in the P-Pool.

3. Fission competition award

Each season, there will be a fission ranking of TOP-10 and a 50% ETH bonus in the P-Pool.

4. Pump-ID (PID)

The PID is the identity of the community members participating in Pump-Star as the unique identity of the entire trust network.

5. Trust matrix

Through the inter-relationship between Pump-IDs, a game network that promotes multi-layer interpersonal fission will be built to meet the needs of interpersonal fission and to distribute reasonable benefits, and to solve the trust problem, which we call the trust matrix. You can activate your PID only after paying a certain amount of GGT (GameGo token).

After the PID is activated, the system can provide a 12-layer reward system. At the same time, it can participate in the Lucky20 Grand Prize after meeting the Gold PID condition, and can also participate in the Fission Competition Award.

In Pump-Star, everyone can get a good return through their own efforts.

iquant team

June 4, 2019