Launch-Pad change to Pump-Star on iquant

Dear user:

The iquant, digital asset value-added trading platform change “Launch-Pad” Plate to “Pump-Star” Plate, and will launch the “Pump-Star” Plate this month to help more outstanding blockchain companies to complete the initial token distribution and share iquant's resources to achieve mutual development and progress.

“Pump-Star” will use the innovative method, called resonant trading, to complete the issuance of the Token. Under the “Pump-Star” rule requirements, the Iquant platform first completed the qualification review and basic situation investigation of the project, and finally decided to go online to the plate. At the same time, Iquant will also review the identity of the participating users and the location requirements.

“Pump-Star” will completely change the various drawbacks in the traditional issuance method. Compared with ICO, IEO, IMO, etc., it will be issued in an open and fair manner. In this set of rules, the relationship between community-exchange-team will be rebuilded, and no one can get rewards or benefits without great effort. No matter which group, you must make enough efforts to get the corresponding return. With great effort, with more rewards.

Really protecting the interests of the community and enabling the community to share the benefits of project development is the original intention of the “Pump-Star” plate.

For more information on “Pump-Star”, please read the “Pump-Star” rules.

Thank you for your support of Iquant!

                                                                                                                       iquant team

                                                                                                                     June 04, 2019