Trading Carnival Season 2 (May 29th) TOP 10 Winners

Dear user:

The list of TOP 10 award-winning accounts in the trading carnival season (May 29th) is as follows, congratulations to the winning users!

TOP 1:67*****[email protected]

TOP 2:63*****[email protected]

TOP 3:138****4430

TOP 4:me****[email protected]

TOP 5:su*****[email protected]

TOP 6:188****7557

TOP 7:qua*****[email protected]

TOP 8:45*****[email protected]

TOP 9:zh*****[email protected]

TOP 10: 175****9358

TOP 10: no****[email protected] to the rules of the event, the USDT rewards will be awarded to the winning account within 1 day after the winners are announced;

Note: After logging in, click on "Assets" -> "My Wallet" to view the rewards;