A letter to the landlord of IQC

Dear IQC owner:

 Hello!  When you see this letter, it means that the "Golden Pig IEO" project is about to open!  It also means that the era when IQC  owners can turn to be a landlord has arrived!  It also means that from now on,  as an IQC landlord, you will enjoy the privilege of collecting the rent every hour.

 Golden Pig IEO has the following unique advantages:

 1. An hourly high dividend model that attracts everyone;

 2. Audience mode with no threshold to participate;

 3. A lucky prize for winning a huge bonus with little cost;

 4. Business rules are fair, open, transparent and not false;

 In the major communities, it has aroused strong repercussions. The spontaneous game community has started from a few to dozens, hundreds, and the speed of communication is extremely fast, and the community is hot;

 “How can you be rich? Only by raising pigs” A betting life and colorful life that we all aspire to will be achieved, and may even exceed expectations. We call on every IQC landlord to join and work together to promote it to a higher peak.  Let’s work together for a win-win situation!


April 17, 2019