The strategy of invest Golden Pig IEO

Key Point:

* Zero risk for the huge return possbility

Participating procedure

1. Deposit 7000USDT or equivalent ETH/BTC/EOS into “Added Value Treasury”. You can get more than 1 USDT interest everyday

2. Invest 1USDT of received interest to buy a Golden Pig

3. One Super Luck Golden Pig is selected from all Golden pigs everyday. If the Golden Pig become a Super Lucky Pig, you may get 70000USDT, even 700000 USDT as the winner price.

4. In addition, with the golden pig you can also get hourly dividend for the prize pool

With the procedure, no risk of the deposit in “Added Value Treasury”, and you can continue getting treasury interest. Besides that, you may get huge return with golden pig.

*Tips of Free access to Golden Pig *

1. Golden pigs with convertible interest obtained by storing Value Added Value;

2. Receiving 1888 USDT as a novice gift of Value-Added Value and earning interest convertible golden pig;

3. Get 10% of the golden pigs through invitation activities.

4. Participate in "Lucky Turn Wins Big Ritual" to extract golden pigs;