100USDT daily settlement/High-Pay Recruitment Forum Promoting

The Golden Pig IEO project will be launched on Thursday. In order to better promote the project, we recruit Korean forum "bounty hunters" with high salaries among the community.

I. Requirements

1. According to the digital currency forum provided by the platform, the information of Golden Pig IEO about going online, rule information, high-dividend screenshots, lottery screenshots and other information can be published in the form;

2. Forum address:

https://coinpan.com/                                         https://닥단.com/

https://www.moneynet.co.kr/                        https://coinonly.kr/

https://www.bima.kr/free_gallery/                 https://www.ddengle.com/board_free

http://koinprice.com/                                        https://www.antzcoin.net/

https://coinbine.com/                                        https://www.coinxclub.co.kr/

https://coinkorea.info/                               http://cointalk.co.kr/

https://coinonly.kr/                                    https://1coin.co.kr/

3. You had better fully understand the game rules of Golden Pig IEO to ensure the content and quality of posts without specific content restrictions.

II. Specific salaries

1. Settlement according to the number of posts, each forum posts at least 10 postings a day, rewarding 5 USDT when postings meet the conditions;

2. If all 14 forums are sent out on the same day (at least 10 postings per forum), they will be settled directly by 100USDT on the same day.

3. Settlement method and cycle: each posting screenshots to be retained, and the retained screenshots + statistics + registered accounts are sent in the form of email or telegram, which are settled on a daily basis and distributed to the platform accounts before 22 o'clock everyday.

Telegraph id: @iquantSupporter

E-mail: [email protected]