Participate in the Demand Deposit. Free receive 1888usdt Experience Gold

Demand Deposit has been officially launched, and the participation during the online period is extremely hot. The number of deposit and the number of users are constantly rising! Now, We launch the 1888USDT experience gold!

Experience Gold rule:

1. Experience Gold operation process for a better experience of the Demand Deposit;

2. The experience gold benchmark daily interest rate is: 0.016%;

3. iquant all users (original registered users + newly registered users) who completed KYC2 level certification can receive 1888USDT experience gold;

4. Experience Gold for the 7-day time experience, expired automatically reclaimed;

5. The income generated during the experience is at the user's discretion

6. Each account can only receive once, not be reused;

*The final interpretation of the above activities belongs to the iquant team*