Announcement on full version of upgrading IQC mining rules

According to community recommendations, starting with (UTC+8)2018.11.20,

All platform coins can only be generated by “mining”, and any trading behavior on the platform is mining. The mining mechanism is mainly to return 100% of the transaction fee to the IQC platform currency. Each time the returned IQC has a fixed quantity limit, and once it exceeds the fixed amount returned, it will not be returned. If the number of fixed releases is not fully excavated, the uncut part is automatically destroyed.

Ⅰ. Release rules:

(UTC+8) The release amount of 2018.11.20 is restored to 100%-11388888 IQC, and the specific release rules remain unchanged.

A total of 540 releases will be made, with a time interval of 24 hours for each release and one cycle for every 180 releases. The amount released each time in each cycle is as follows:

A total of about 3.9 billion


release ratio

 release amount

daily release

6 months


20.5 billion


12 months


1.435 billion


18 months


 615 million


Every hour, the transaction fee generated by the user will be converted into IQC for accumulation. The converted price will be calculated based on the average price of IQC for the hour (the average price is calculated as the total transaction amount/total volume). The IQC will begin issuing refunds after the next day.

Ⅱ. Mining methods:

1. Personal mining income = personal contribution fee for the day / 24 hour IQC weighted price

2. Personal contribution fee for the day = the sum of the USDT conversion value of the handling fee generated by each individual on the day

Ⅲ. Dividend method:

Iquant will allocate 60% of the transaction fee to the IQC holder.

1. Allocation method: The currency of the platform revenue is allocated according to the user's position IQC ratio (IQC/total circulation IQC).

2. Calculation rule: (UTC+8) 1:00 to 24:00 daily, the available IQC snapshot of the user's position per hour, and 60% of the total handling fee generated by the platform in the past hour, according to the snapshot user IQC The proportion of positions is calculated and issued every hour (the number of IQC that sell orders does not participate in dividends);

Digital currencies are highly volatile and investors are asked to take a rational look at value and risk.Trading is risky, participation should be cautious!

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