C2C Trading:

If you don’t have any crypto coins and want to exchange for crypto coins with your money, please go to Deposit on iquant. In C2C trading area, you can choose suitable buyer or seller with appropriate price, and send your money through Bank Transfer, paypal, Alipay, Wechat to get cryptocoins.

Detailed Rules:

1)Please complete your payment within 30 minutes. The overdue orders will be canceled automatically and this will be recorded in our system, which will influence your credit. You will lose the function to cancel a order if you have 3 overdue orders.

2)After the payment is complete or the other party confirm the payment, you will see a Contact the Other Party button. You can see his detailed contact information. (Note: All the behaviors that ask you to do the payment privately are fraud. Hope all users can be on the alert.

3)Please release your coins after you receiving the payment. The coins will be released automatically if it is not confirmed after 12 hours. (You can apply for appeal if you don’t receive the payment after 12 hours. The supporter will freeze this order and make further investigation.

4)Please don’t note anything like Bitcoin, otherwise your requirements will be stopped by the bank. In order to make sure of the promptness of the payment, please pay by installments if the number is over 50000 RMB, and choose suitable channels.The seller has the right to refund his money and cancel the order if the money don’t arrive after 12 hours. ( Please contact our supporter when your order has been frozen.)

5)In order to make sure of the promptness of the payment, the user who make the order should arrange his time to deal with this order in case of any losses.

6)Our platform has the final jurisdictions for any disputes. We have the right to freeze his C2C trading function if we find it is fraud.