ReturnFight the group and enjoy high income
The first stage of Value Added Treasury 'Fight the group and enjoy high income' is in hot
Since added value treasury online, it has brought great income for users! In order to celebrate its success, we will launch the event --Participate in fighting the group and enjoy high revenue. During the event, inviting friends to participate in added value demand deposit by fighting the group which can enjoy 30% annual.
  • USDT
  • Annaul30%

High interest coupons

6 users to fight the group
You can receive high interest coupons by depositing 30000USDT


Group money
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Share group code to invite friends

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  • Rules
  • 1.The event only points at USDT;
  • 2.Every time of fighting the group, you should deposit ≥30000USDT in added value demand deposit. Every participator can deposit an arbitrary quantity. Only ensuring the number of total recharge is ≥30000USDT;
  • 3.Every time of fighting the group, the minimum number of participants is 2, up to 6 people;
  • 4.Process: Automatically generate 8-digit Group code- send code to participators -to complete the value-added demand deposit-fill in the group code;
  • 5.Once each group is completed, participating users will receive super rate coupons;
  • 6.With the exception of this event, none of the other rules have changed;Click to know details.
  • 7.The activity may be adjusted according to the comprehensive feedback of the community and users in the later period;
  • (1)Interest rate coupons increase the daily interest rate by 0.082% (the original base rate is daily: 0.016%);
  • (2)The use time of interest rate coupon is 30th, the expiration of automatic cancellation;
  • * The final interpretation of the above event belongs to the iquant team
  • Special Note
  • 1.New registered users can enjoy free 1888USDT experience gold event.
  • 2.Click to know more details
  • 3.Click to free receive
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