Arbitrage Treasury

High Revenue and Low Risk Financial Products

Arbitrage Polytechnic ProductsProvided by the iquant team, the arbitrage fund is used for investment in the digital money market. The product strategy of multi-variety, multi-cycle and multi-strategy is applied to carry out cross-market arbitrage between the spot and futures prices of digital currency in different markets. The diversified statistical models disperse risks, so as to maximize returns and minimize risks.

My Arbitrage
Today my expected earnings (USDT) are automatically distributed at 20:00:00.
Total Interest Rate = Benchmark Interest Rate (9%) + Increase by IQC Number(%)
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I. Arbitrage Treasury Interest Rate Description:
The benchmark deposit interest rate of Arbitrage Treasury is 9% annualized. The number of IQC held by users will increase the rate of increase. (Recently launched)
II. Rules of deposit and withdraw
Users can deposit and withdraw at any time, and check in in real time.
Users take out arbitrage assets and it will be without accruing interest on that day.
* The final interpretation right of arbitrage treasury belongs to iquant.