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  • Booking hotels and enjoy discount
  • Dear users,
    Qt booking business now launch a event of "booking a hotel, enjoy discount"
  • Event content:
  • 1.All Qt users who want to booking will enjoy 5% off.
  • 2.Qt users who hold the number of IQC over 10 million will enjoy 10% off.
  • 3.Qt users who hold the number of IQC over 30 million will enjoy 15% off.
  • 4.Please send an email with your booking information to [email protected] we check it, we will deposit the identical discount value of USDT to your iquant account.
  • 5.The top ten will get reward of 10usdt
  • 6.Booking Information: Your order screenshot and your Qt account.
  • Event time:
  • (UTC+8)2019.March.6~(UTC+8)2019.March.31
  • * The final interpretation of the above event belongs to the Qt team
  • Booking
  • Users can get IQC by Currency trade
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