Enjoy extra interest of added value demand depositReturn
The introduction of rights and interests
Added value demand deposit "holding IQC to be VIP " was well received by users. After the team decided, the second period of “holding IQC to be VIP” has been officially launched. Anyone who holds IQC and participates in the added value Demand Deposit Business, you can enjoy the high income that gives you a difference.This event will start after (UTC+8)2019.2.28 20:00.
  • Rules:
  • 1.the ratio of quantity to interest
  • Level IQC quantity Enjoy extra daily interest
    Level1 10000000≧ 0.01%
    Level2 5000000≧ 0.006%
    Level3 1000000≧ 0.005%
    Level4 500000≧ 0.004%
    Level5 300000≧ 0.003%
  • 2.According to the number of holding IQC, the income will increase the corresponding interest rate on the original benchmark interest rate (the daily original benchmark interest rate is: 0.016%);
  • 3.The activity may be adjusted according to the comprehensive feedback of the community in the later period
  • * The final interpretation of the above event belongs to the Qt team
  • Users can get IQC by Currency trade
Value Added Treasury